VIDEO: Fate of underdeveloped villages linked to supply chains of palm oil giants in the Leuser Ecosystem

(foresthints.news) - Focus is sorely needed on the vast number of villages classified as underdeveloped which are scattered among large palm oil plantations linked to the supply chains of giant palm oil companies in the Leuser Ecosystem.

These Singapore-based palm oil giants, whose supply chains are linked to palm oil plantations in the Leuser Ecosystem, seem to have no desire to develop the areas underdeveloped villages, some of which are extremely underdeveloped.

The palm oil plantations spread within the Leuser Ecosystem are merely used as sources of CPO for mills which supply the palm oil giants operating in North Sumatra province.

As depicted in the video documented shot by the foresthints.news team, the conditions in these extremely underdeveloped villages are hugely concerning.

Nonetheless, these villages, whose fate is inextricably linked to palm oil giants like Wilmar International and Musim Mas Group due to their location in the vicinity of the large palm oil plantations that make up the supply chains of these companies, are shown little regard by the companies themselves.

Not only is the welfare of communities located across the supply chains of the palm oil giants neglected, but these big corporations appear to have no programs or plans whatsoever aimed at enhancing the development of the areas villages. This indifference is encapsulated by the problems endured by these villages, such as a lack of potable drinking water and a damaged school building, among others.

The palm oil giants have not lived up to the sustainability pledges they made in several ways. For example, they have failed to clean up their supply chains from the destruction of the habitat of critically endangered species in the Leuser Ecosystem.

Also, they have made no contribution to addressing the needs or assisting the development of the villages situated among the palm oil plantations which supply their palm oil.

The palm oil giants need to show a far greater degree of concern for the welfare and prosperity of the Leuser Ecosystems numerous underdeveloped villages. It is high time these massive revenue-generating companies stop just sucking palm oil from the Leuser Ecosystem while giving nothing in return.