Reducing emissions does not depend solely on land-use and forestry issues, says Indonesian coordinating minister

(foresthints.news) - Indonesian Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution says that reducing emissions does not depend solely on land-use and forestry issues, but also other sectors such as energy, transportation and industry.

"President Jokowi has instructed us to review the respective contribution of each sector of the economy in reducing emissions so as to achieve a better balance in meeting emissions reduction targets in a way that does not depend solely on the land-use and forestry sectors," Darmin said during a speech at the Climate Festival event on Monday (Feb 1) in Jakarta.

In his speech, Darmin also underlined that the achievement of emissions reduction targets must not be at the expense of economic growth in developing countries.

"With the current low cost of fossil-fuel energy, green energy has become less competitive. However, the Jokowi administration continues to encourage growth in the use of green energy although the costs are higher given very low prices for fossil fuels. The Indonesian government will increase the mandatory use of biodiesel to 20 percent this year, up 5 percent from last year," Darmin said.

The coordinating minister also complained about little or no willingness on the part of international buyers to pay premium prices for sustainable products from Indonesia, such as sustainable palm-oil products.

"The producers of sustainable products in developing countries should not have to bear the cost of sustainability themselves. For example, the market should provide support through such things as a willingness to pay premium, and consistently rising, prices for sustainable palm-oil products," Darmin explained.

Darmin warned that greater international assistance was needed so as to help developing countries, such as Indonesia, meet emissions reduction targets as a follow-up to the Paris Agreement.

"Indonesia also needs to focus on environmental issues that are relevant and of benefit to Indonesia," he said.