IPOP Management conveys clear position in support of minister's decision

JAKARTA (foresthints.news) - Executive Director of IPOP Management, Nurdiana Darus, has asserted that IPOP Management fully supports the decision of Indonesia's Minister of the Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya, to conduct a detailed study of Indonesian Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP)'s content by means of bilateral cooperation with the US government.

The minister has made the decision not to categorically reject or accept IPOP, but rather to wait until an in-depth study of it has been performed before making a final decision on behalf of the Indonesian government with respect to IPOP.

The minister's move forms part of the response of the Indonesian government to the many complaints that have been made primarily by IPOP signatories - about the difficulties of implementing IPOP on the ground.

IPOP Management welcomes Minister Siti Nurbayas plan to perform a more detailed study of IPOP, Nurdiana told foresthints.news on Friday (Mar 4) in Jakarta.

She said that IPOP Management views the minister's decision as opening up a process of extensive dialogue among relevant stakeholders, including the current Indonesian government, and in particular the Environment and Forestry Ministry.

The minister's decision provides an opportunity to develop a constructive dialogue about IPOP involving all the relevant stakeholders, and also represents a good opportunity for us to convey the vision, mission, and programs of IPOP, Nurdiana continued.

She emphasized that the discourse among certain groups as to the dissolution of IPOP needs further input.

We require a constructive and comprehensive dialogue to come up with positive solutions for a sustainable palm oil program in Indonesia, she said.

Nurdiana went on to say that IPOP fully respects Indonesian laws and regulations and also supports the national agenda for improving the welfare of palm oil smallholders, in line with government programs.

Improving the welfare of palm oil smallholders is the responsibility of all the stakeholders associated with the Indonesian palm oil industry, she said.

Separately, a top executive of the largest subsidiary of Golden Agri-Resources (GAR) in the palm oil sector, Daud Dharsono, confirmed that GAR - as one of the signatories to IPOP - would certainly continue to support IPOP's vision and mission.

I need to underline here that, as a major company operating in Indonesia, we obviously abide by and adhere to all the regulations of the Indonesian government. Our commitment is clear, both in terms of our support for IPOP as well as our compliance with Indonesian government regulations, Daud told foresthints.newson Thursday (Mar 3) in Jakarta.