May 11, 2018

Bulldozing of orangutan habitat continues in front of our eyes

( - Regardless of the level of concern about the fate of the Bornean orangutan and the places it calls home, the facts show that we are still unable to end the clearing of the habitat of this critically-endangered species in PT PSM, a palm oil company with legal ties to PT BHD which supplies the tanks of global palm oil buyers.

PT PSM is located in West Kalimantan’s Ketapang regency, one of the regencies with the greatest distribution of Bornean orangutans.

This news report is a continuation of a series of exposés by, none of which have managed to halt the bulldozing of the Bornean orangutan habitat in this palm oil concession. 

Nestle, Mars, ADM, Apical and Wilmar, all of which are TFT members, have also to date been unable to disengage from this supplier which continues to clear this habitat of the Bornean orangutan. 

Meanwhile, Musim Mas, a member of POIG, expressed its respect for the decision made by Genting Plantations to sell PT PSM to a third party that is currently wiping out the Bornean orangutan’s habitat. This was after Genting declared that it would preserve the high carbon stock (HCS) forests in the concession it subsequently sold. 

On the contrary, this Bornean orangutan-inhabited palm oil concession sold by Genting Plantations continued to expand, as seen in the following images presented by Greenomics Indonesia (May 9).

Wilmar, which posted Genting Plantations’ pledge on its website, has also demonstrated an irresponsible attitude with respect to the promise made by the Malaysian palm oil giant. All the while, the HCS forests within this concession, which plays host to the Bornean orangutan, continue to shrink as they are bulldozed away.

The eradication of the Bornean orangutan habitat that is taking place in the ex-Genting Plantations concession follows PT PSM’s proposed new planting announced by RSPO in late June 2014 via its website.

Unilever, PepsiCo and IOI are also implicated in the disappearance of the Bornean orangutan habitat, as their supply chains are linked to the concession sold by Genting Plantations to its business partner. 

What’s more, the PONGO Alliance, which was reportedly formed to save the habitats of orangutans in non-certified palm oil concessions, also seems unable to do much to stop the obliteration of the Bornean orangutan habitat in PT PSM.

Even more alarmingly, efforts by a number of global palm oil buyers to enhance their transparency - by revealing the identity of their palm oil suppliers - have not involved cutting ties with companies engaged in ongoing deforestation. This is most evident in what is happening in the former Genting Plantations palm oil concession.