APP says it respects government decision to suspend suppliers and vows to improve supplier practices


(foresthints.news) - In an anniversary event to mark three years of implementation of APP's Forest Conservation Policy, one of the key issues raised was the 2015 land and forest fires that burned vast areas of land on APP-linked concessions in South Sumatra. In particular, questions were raised concerning the adequacy of plantation fiber supply to feed a new APP mill in the province, which is expected to start operations this year.

"Last year we experienced big fires in South Sumatra, Borneo and Java. In fact, last years El Nino actually affected the whole world. It also affected our conservation and plantation areas. We are very supportive of the government's prompt actions to actually have a look at this," APP's Managing Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement, told foresthints.news on Thursday (Feb 4) in response to questions about the impact on its operations of the fires, which led to two of its largest suppliers having their licenses suspended by the Indonesian government.

Aida also said that APP fully respected the governments decision to suspend the licenses of the suppliers.

"And hopefully by that we can improve our practices to guide our suppliers to have a better integrated fire management system to make sure that we can reduce the risk from fires in the landscape in the future," Aida said.

The two largest APP-linked peat concessions, covering an area of ??nearly 400 thousand hectares in South Sumatra, had their licenses suspended by the Indonesian government following the 2015 peat fires that burned a vast area of land, including lands controlled by the two concessionaires whose licenses have been frozen. Both concessions are expected to play a crucial role in the supply of plantation fiber to the new APP mill.